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Use the Right Flow Meter for Your Application

Selecting the right industrial flow meter for your application can be a challenging task. To make it easy, Sierra recommends the best flow meter you should use for your particular gas, liquid, or steam flow application. First, choose your application:

  • Natural gas
  • Compressed air measurement
  • Gas mixing and blending applications
  • Burner control
  • Liquid measurement
  • Steam flow measurement

Based on your application specifications, such as flow rate, pipe size and gas measured, Sierra helps you select the perfect flow meter solution for your industry to improve quality and save money on energy costs, installation, and maintenance.

Select Your Application Below

Sierra offers a wide range of industrial and scientific flow meter technologies for any gas, liquid or steam application:

  • Capillary thermal technology is ideal for gas flow control and measurement for lower flows in burner control and scientific research applications.
  • Industrial immersible thermal technology performs well for higher gas flows; insertion flow meters are ideal for large industrial pipes.
  • Multivariable vortex technology is ideal for saturated and supersaturated steam flow measurement, volumetric water flow, and higher gas flows.
  • Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters effectively measure liquid flows with easy installation with clamp on sensor and no pipe cutting measurement.

Flow Meter Use FAQs

Q: What are flow meters used for?

A: Flow meters are devices used to measure the flow rate of gas, liquid or steam flowing through a pipe. There are many diverse applications that require mass flow measurement, such as natural gas, compressed air, boiler efficiency, burner control, gas mixing & blending, steam flow, and water flow. Choosing the right flow meter technology depends on the fluid you are measuring, flow rate, pipe size, and application. Immersible thermal mass flow meters are ideal for high flow gas measurement. Vortex flow meters measure volumetric water, but are ideal for saturated and supersaturated steam flow measurement. And ultrasonic flow meters are best for measuring liquids.

Q: What is the best flow meter to measure the flow of liquids?

A: A liquid flow meter is a device that measures the amount of liquid flowing through a pipe. The four main types of flow meters that can be used to measure liquids are mechanical, vortex volumetric, ultrasonic, or magnetic. Mechanical meters work by measuring the speed of flowing liquid running through the pipe that cause a turbine or piston to rotate, while a vortex meter uses vortices shed from a sensor immersed in the flow. Ultrasonic water flow meters use ultrasound to measure the speed of a fluid flowing in the pipe to measure volumetric flow, and a magnetic meter uses a magnetic field for the measurement of the speed of a fluid flowing in a pipe.

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