Tradition of Innovation

Spanning Over 40 Years

Sierra has a rich tradition of innovation spanning over 40 years.  We believe that our willingness to listen to market opportunity and get excited about customer challenges has driven this innovative spirit.

The development of an industrialized metal-sheathed thermal mass flow sensor in the early 80s was Sierra’s first big step.  Many successful innovations followed, but in 1999 Sierra experienced a major breakthrough with the introduction of their patented no-drift DrySense™ mass velocity sensor. Other breakthroughs have been the world’s first multivariable mass vortex flow sensor and advancements in capillary thermal flow sensors and electromagnetic control valve design.

Sierra has more than 30 patents, the majority of which are still being used in product today.  R&D focuses on sensor improvement and vastly improved firmware and software that implement advance algorithm sets for improved fluid measurement accuracy.

Sierra’s Raptor II OS is the “Flow Engine” program is inside every iSeries instrument (such as QuadraTherm) that combines advanced fluid dynamics calculations and cutting edge sensor design with today’s hyper-fast microprocessors to maximize instrument performance.
Our engineers continue to thrill in doing “the never before possible” and are innovators at heart who get great joy in offering our customers new and creative flow solutions.