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Sierra CP Introduces New Automatic Filter Changer

Gravimetric particulate matter emissions sampling now easier, faster and safer

Lansing, Michigan - Sierra CP, the Automotive Test Systems Division of Sierra Instruments, announces the release of their Automatic Filter Changer (AFC), a compact and portable safety and automation tool that makes gravimetric PM emissions sampling easier, faster and safer.

A plug-and-play efficiency upgrade to any Sierra BG3 partial flow sampling system, the AFC is a valuable addition to every emissions test cell. The AFC eliminates the often tedious manual processing time required to load and unload single filter holders before and after each test. Now engineers can simply install their choice of pre-loaded 14 and 22 filter puck canisters and run them through any test cycle.

“With the Sierra AFC, engineers and scientists can stay out of the test cell while tests are done in succession,” says Sierra CEO Matthew Olin, “thereby increasing safety as well as test productivity.”
Since the AFC is designed to meet US EPA 40 CFR Part 1065 regulations, it has a heated enclosure, and passes the particulate matter sample flow through a cyclonic separator, residence chamber and then on to the filter. Additionally, the automatic filter changer also provides feedback on filter indexing status, filter number sequence, and go/no-go status. Load filters into a “supply” magazine, insert, run tests, remove magazine and process in a clean room. The AFC can also facilitate auxiliary devices by supplying them with diluted sample flow.

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About Sierra CP
One of the fastest growing companies in the automotive testing sector, Sierra CP is a trusted designer and manufacturer of a wide variety of solutions that include engine, E-motor, vehicle, powertrain, emissions and component test rig applications. The company has a broad global portfolio of successful test facility design/build/upgrade projects. Unique to their business, Sierra also designs, builds and customizes the best in class technology IP used inside each test facility. Advanced technologies include test automation software and data acquisition, engine combustion air conditioning, fuel measurement and conditioning, and emissions and analytical equipment. With over 30 years of experience, Sierra CP, formerly known as Sierra-CP Engineering, is the Automotive Test Systems Division of Sierra Instruments.

Contact: Sierra Instruments: 16475 Ingersoll Road, Lansing, Michigan 48906
Web: Phone: 800-866-0200 Phone: 517-323-8909