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New Chlorine Measurement Breakthrough

An Economical Flow Solution for Chlorine Injection Processes

Monterey, CA — November 15, 2011 — Sierra Instrument’s new Chlorine-Trak™ 760S Thermal Mass Flow Meter was specifically designed to perform as an accurate and cost-effective mass flow measurement solution for chlorine injection processes found in typical waste-water treatment applications.

Given the corrosive nature of chlorine gas (particularly in the presence of moisture), finding an economical measurement solution has posed a great challenge to the industry. To answer this challenge, Sierra has designed a flow body manufactured from Kynar® polyvinylidene fluoride resin (PVDF). This material offers excellent corrosion and chemical resistance at both ambient and elevated temperatures. PVDF is also inherently stable, mechanically tough, and abrasion and flame resistant.

“This is an ideal solution for waste-water treatment,” says Scott Rouse, Sierra Product Line Director. “The Chlorine-Trak’s direct mass flow reading requires no pressure or temperature compensation and provides immunity to corrosion and accuracy for chlorine flow measurement at an economical price.”

The 760S offers an accuracy of +/-5% of full scale, flow range up to 300 scfm chlorine in a 4” Kynar® flow body, and outstanding range-ability of 100:1. The instrument’s flow sensors utilize Hastelloy® C-127 sensors with 6” Hastelloy® C-127 probe and a 1” Swagelok® Hastelloy® NPT compression fitting that mates with the Kynar® PVDF flow body. Hastelloy C is particularly resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion and is used extensively in the most corrosive environments.

Sierra’s 760S also offers a digital display with instantaneous and totalized flow, and a digital MODBUS RTU option for easy PLC/DAQ integration and analog 4-20 ma output. Sierra’s Smart Interface™ software provides users with the ability to fully validate instrument performance and make field adjustments of critical flow meter settings in the field.

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