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Sierra Brings Leading-Edge Particle Number Sampler to Market

Lansing, Michigan - Sierra-CP and Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) have signed a 20-year technology licensing agreement to bring SwRI’s leading-edge particle number sampling system to market.  The deal calls for Sierra to commercialize and produce SwRI’s fully ECE R49-compliant particle number dilution system, which has been used exclusively by SwRI for over a decade.
SwRI’s applied particle technology research, certification and calibration laboratory supports the new product.  

The technology, named SPNS, for Solid Particle Number System will be the only patented (US 6,796,165) R49-compliant PN certification-grade system on the market.  The SPNS, brand named “Sierra SPNS Elite,” initially will be offered as a fully compliant >23nm PN system in two versions.  A sub-23nm version will be introduced next year.   

Increasingly, regulatory activity surrounding solid Particle Number (PN) has become one of the more difficult emissions challenges for engine and vehicle manufacturers today.  Manufacturers of, and researchers in, automobiles, diesel engines, turbines, exhaust after-treatment systems, motorcycles and mopeds are affected.  

The two-stage dilution scheme in SPNS has enabled ECE-R49, Swiss, Euro6, EU engine and vehicle PN certifications, and is fully compliant per SAE Air 6241 specifications for aircraft turbine PN quantification down to 15nm. SwRI’s Dr. Imad Khalek is the inventor of SPNS. 

Come see the new Sierra SPNS Elite on the floor at the Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, Michigan, October 23-25, Booth 1006.

About Sierra CP
One of the fastest growing companies in the automotive testing sector, Sierra CP is a trusted designer and manufacturer of a wide variety of solutions that include engine, E-motor, vehicle, powertrain, emissions and component test rig applications. The company has a broad global portfolio of successful test facility design/build/upgrade projects. Unique to their business, Sierra also designs, builds and customizes the best in class technology IP used inside each test facility. Advanced technologies include test automation software and data acquisition, engine combustion air conditioning, fuel measurement and conditioning, and emissions and analytical equipment. With over 30 years of experience, Sierra CP, formerly known as Sierra-CP Engineering, is the Automotive Test Systems Division of Sierra Instruments.

Contact Information
Sierra-CP: 16475 Ingersoll Road, Lansing, Michigan 48906
Web: Phone: 800-866-0200 Phone: 517-323-8909
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