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Sierra-CP Introduces New Products at Automotive Testing Expo North America

New ExhaustTrak Mass Flow Meter and Next Generation BG3 Elite

Monterey, CA – October 10, 2013 –  Sierra-CP Engineering, a global engine, vehicle and emissions test company, announces they will be giving a live presentation of their new ExhaustTrak mass flow meter and next generation BG3 Elite along with showing all their new products at this year’s Automotive Testing Expo North American in Novi, Michigan (booth 13012), October 22-24.

With their roots in flow measurement, Sierra-CP provides the market with an innovative flow meter, named ExhaustTrak, to handle this tough application. ExhaustTrak is made to satisfy end user requirements for a rugged, accurate and fast solution for direct exhaust mass flow measurement, and is specifically designed for transient cycle flow rate measurement.  The ExhaustTrak can measure the mass flow rate of intake air flow, diluted exhaust, raw exhaust (pre or post-aftertreatment), or crankcase combustion fumes, since instrumentation pressure line plugging issues no longer exist. Taking clues from our use of porous media (sintered stainless steel) in our patented partial flow dilution tunnel utilized by the BG3, we use circumferential porous media as pressure interface material to elevate subsonic venturi flow meter technology to a whole new level.  The design provides fully averaged radial pressure sampling at the throat and the inlet locations.  Flow inaccuracies due to velocity profile skew are minimized. As a result, straight length requirements for installing the ExhaustTrak are relaxed, as it is nearly immune to bias effects created by bend- induced swirl.

Next Generation BG

In addition, Sierra-CP will also introduce their next generation optimized BG3 transient partial flow dilution system called BG3 Elite.  The Elite is refined for applications requiring 47mm filter media such as Part 1065, and combines smaller, more precise flow control valves and flow measurement components with an upgraded pressure transducer suite to build on its industry-leading technology base.  Sierra-CP’s proprietary Cadet V14 software is being introduced on the Elite product, along with a patented feature that actively controls diluted sample to an off-board measurement device while simultaneously maintaining Part 1065-required metrics for proportionality and filter face velocity required for gravimetric sampling.

“Over the last 30 years, Sierra-CP has developed advanced equipment and hardware/ software solutions that cover the complete scope of automotive test applications to help engineers all over the world meet the challenges they face in a continually changing automotive industry. The ExhaustTrak and BG3 Elite are just the latest examples of our continuing dedication to ensuring client needs are met without compromise,” says Matthew Olin, Sierra-CP CEO.

Visitors to Automotive Testing Expo will be able to see a live demonstration/presentation of both the ExhaustTrak and BG3 Elite at Sierra-CP’s booth 13012 every day of the show. In addition, visitors to the show can also learn about other offerings from Sierra-CP including their CADET V14.

For those not able to get to Automotive Testing North America, information on the ExhaustTrak and BG3 Elite and other offerings from Sierra-CP can be found by visiting their website

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