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Sierra Launches Online Sales Store Front

Online Store Offers Largest Inventory of MFC's on the Web

Monterey, CA — April 6, 2011 — With the launch of their new online sales capability this week, Sierra Instruments now provides the largest selection of factory direct mass flow meters and controllers available anywhere on the web. With a wide range of models and hundreds of units in stock, customers can now purchase units on Sierra’s website at and get them overnight. Sierra’s proprietary selection tool allows customers to easily configure and purchase a customized instrument online without loss of delivery time.  
“We are delighted to be able to offer the convenience of buying products online with expedited delivery, and still provide personalized customer support,” says Erica Gianini, Sierra’s Online Sales Director. “Some customers prefer to work through their local sales representative, and we support that wholeheartedly, but more and more frequently, customers want their instruments now. Of course they don’t want to sacrifice the knowledgeable support they’ve become accustomed to at Sierra.”
Drawing on 40 years of industry experience, Sierra’s proprietary selection tool automatically optimizes a selection based on just a few application parameters, making online product selection fast and easy. Sierra is very familiar with the common mistakes made when specifying an MFC, so their selection tool gives customers real-time feedback and the information necessary to select the correct instrument. In addition, each customer gets an account showing purchase history for easy and fast repeat ordering.

Customers also have access to a personal application engineer during the online sales process. Upon purchase, they are assigned a Sierra expert from one of over 150 offices in 50 countries. Their Sierra field support team remains their point of contact throughout the life of the Sierra product.  
Sierra’s provides a selection of instruments with flow rates up to 1000 slpm. Flow meters and controllers are available for any gas and any output signal, with digital communications and a variety of cable options. Sierra also offers a selection of clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters for measurement of liquids.


Sierra is the leading manufacturer of Thermal Mass Flow Meters in North America (Flow Research, 2009). A global leader in flow measurement and control for over 35 years, Sierra instruments designs and manufactures high performance flow instrumentation for gas, liquid and steam applications commonly found in the semiconductor, environmental, scientific research, petrochemical, energy, aerospace, and general manufacturing industries. With over 150 offices in 50 countries, Sierra is uniquely positioned to provide their innovative products and lifetime support for the leading companies of today and the growth enterprises of tomorrow.

Press Contact:
Maryadine Washington, Marketing Manager
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