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Sierra Redesigns Website

New Site Focuses on Meeting Global Environmental Challenges

MONTEREY, CA — March 29, 2010 — This week Sierra Instruments launched a completely redesigned website that features a new Sierra logo. The new landing page video also introduces “Think Ahead”, their new global campaign that focuses on clean energy solutions and provides a PDF download of their new 40-page Sierra Clean Energy Guide. The guide details how Sierra has partnered with customers from all over the world to develop sustainable solutions to some of today’s most pressing environmental problems.
From high performance flow measurement tools that help create biofuel from solid wastes to unlocking the carbon history in Antarctic ice to determine how much CO2 the ocean can digest, the Sierra Clean Energy Guide details a broad range of problem/solution scenarios.

“The environmental and economic challenges we face right now are huge,” says Matthew J. Olin, President of Sierra, “and we’re doing everything we can to support the visionaries that are passionately pursuing a more sustainable future. Our new feature-rich website represents a big leap forward in our ability to meet customer needs. Our new Sierra Clean Energy Guide introduces some of our most innovative partners and the unique solutions we have developed by “Thinking Ahead”...together.

The new website was developed to make it easier for customers to identify and select the right flow control and monitoring instrument they need for their applications and get product information and quotes faster. Access to sales and technical support has been enhanced to rapidly put customers in touch with one of 150 branches in more than 50 countries. New quick links make it easier for visitors to download Sierra’s technical literature, white papers, or view educational videos.

Download a free copy of the new Sierra Clean Energy Guide from Sierra’s website.

A global leader in flow measurement and control for over 35 years, Sierra instruments designs and manufactures high performance flow instrumentation for gas, liquid and steam applications commonly found in the semiconductor, environmental, scientific research, petrochemical, energy, aerospace, and general manufacturing industries. With over 150 offices in 50 countries, Sierra is uniquely positioned to provide their innovative products and lifetime support for the leading companies of today and the growth enterprises of tomorrow.


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Maryadine Washington, Marketing Manager
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