• Dr. Olin's Papers

    John G. Olin, Ph.D., is the founder and chairman of Sierra Instruments, Inc., located in Monterey, Calif. Dr. Olin received his bachelor's degree from Illinois Institute of Technology and his master's and Ph.D. from Stanford University, all in Mechanical Engineering.

    At Stanford, Dr. Olin specialized in fluid mechanics and heat transfer and used hot-wire anemometers in research pursuant to his doctoral dissertation. He founded Sierra Instruments in 1973 with the purpose of offering industrial-grade thermal dispersion mass flowmeters to solve industry\'s need for rugged, reliable flowmeters based on the thermal principle. Dr. Olin has a dozen patents and over 50 papers in the field.

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    The accuracy of your flow instruments plays an essential role in determining efficiency, performance and cost-savings. Sierra harnesses over 40 years of expertise in gas flow calibration to offer you fast service turnaround to maximize your process up-time to assure productivity goals are reached