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Facility Reduces Process Downtime

InnovaMass® 241 Multivariable Vortex Mass Flow Meter

A facilities subcontractor for Boeing required meters to monitor the make-up air mass flow rate into a painting facility. The make-up fans ensure compliance with OSHA and Boeing air quality standards by reducing contamination and airborne particles that result from over-spray. The Boeing standard dictates a minimum airflow of 125 SFPM to the paint booths. Should the airflow drop below this level, the operation must be shut down. This type of failure could cost them millions of dollars per day in lost time and productivity.


The specifying engineer had experience with a variety of vortex meters and chose Sierra's InnovaMass® 241 because of its field-configuration capabilities. He said that even though the initial cost of Sierra’s equipment was somewhat higher than he had budgeted for, he is convinced that he would realize significant savings by being able to reconfigure and adjust the device in the field. Given the fact that its smart electronics extend the meter's range down to 5,000 on the Reynolds scale, he is able to measure and alarm low-velocity airflow and ensure uninterrupted painting operations.

Here's what makes Sierra's InnovaMass 241 an ideal choice:

  • Measures mass flow directly with one meter to measure five process variables
  • Able to handle high temperatures and pressures whereas dP devices give erroneous readings in environments with varying pressure conditions
  • Onboard diagnostics and field configuration
  • Insertion design makes installation easy