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Smart Compressed Air Measurement

FastFlo 620S Air Flow Sensor

Air may be free, but compressed air certainly isn’t. Every day, leaks and inefficient compressors cost companies money and lead to more electricity usage. As air  compressors churn away 24/7, endlessly maintaining the air pressure in compressed air distribution lines, dollars leak away from the bottom line.

Measuring compressed air can be a big challenge. In many manufacturing companies that depend on reliable compressed air to run their processes, usage varies widely throughout the day from very heavy at times of peak manufacturing to small flows (perhaps due to leakage) when most production is on standby. With accurate compressed air usage measurements, companies are putting a price tag on compressed air and making educated choices that lead to cost savings.


Sierra’s experience with Air Compressor Supply, Inc. (ACS), located in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, is a good example of how we are helping customers accurately measure compressed air. ACS, an authorized dealer for Gardner-Denver, one of the world’s largest air compressor manufacturers, offers businesses a tangible way to cut costs by lowering their air compressor amperage output and in turn optimizing energy efficiency.

Both ACS and Gardner-Denver strongly recommend using Sierra's meters to accurately measure the mass flow rates of compressed air for their customers. In 2002, Cary Carlisle, a seasoned ACS technician, took Gardner-Denver's advice and partnered with Sierra. When he assesses the compressed air efficiency of a plant, he always begins with an audit using a compressed air flow meter, Sierra’s FastFlo™ 620S.

Sierra’s 620S thermal mass flow meter was specifically developed to accurately measure the mass flow rate of compressed air usage so that industrial users could build and maintain air usage profiles. With 100:1 turndown, Sierra’s thermal mass flow measurement technology has major advantages over volumetric or non-compensated meters, in which even a small change in operating temperature causes a 5% to 10% reduction in accuracy. Sierra’s smart interface software, standard with all 620S meters, gives customers actual verification that the meter has not drifted over time.

Carlisle has reported that customers have experienced a $7,500 to $44,000 annual savings through improved compressed air system management and/or replacing their compressors with more energy efficient units —a substantial cost-cutting investment with relatively short-term payback.

As a result of superior instrument performance and customer support, Sierra meters have become the first choice of ACS and Gardner-Denver for accurately measuring air flow of compressed air.

Here’s what makes Sierra’s FastFlo 620S an ideal choice:
  • Direct mass flow measurement requires no pressure or temperature compensation
  • Can save companies between $7,500 to $44,000 annually with improved compressed air system management
  • Insertion probe very easy to install
  • Operates over a wide range of temperatures and pressures
  • Onboard field validation and diagnostic software