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Accurate and Consistent Gas Mixing

Why Mass Flow Control Provides Pure, Repeatable Results

There are many applications and industries that rely on gas mixing and blending. In a laboratory environment, our customers need gas mixtures to test catalysts to see the effect of certain concentrations of pollutants on gasses. For many experiments it's critical to achieve precision control in gas mixing and blending applications. In fact, the quality of research and results depends on trusting all the variables in an experiment, including controlling your exact mix or blend of gases. Learn why mass flow controllers that use thermal mass flow technology are ideal for research because they provide scientists with direct mass flow control, which is unaffected by temperature and pressure fluctuations.





Benefits of Capillary Thermal Mass Flow Controllers

  • Direct mass flow with +/- 0.5 percent full-scale accuracy
  • Patented, inherently linear laminar flow element design
  • Mass flow rates up to 1,000 slpm and down to 0 to 0.1 sccm


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The Mass Flow Advantage: Mass Flow Versus Volumetric Flow Technology

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