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CADET: Automotive Engineering Software

Precision Control for Test Cell Automation

Find out more about Sierra's proprietary CADET test automation software in this video showcasing the CADET’s full test cell automation package. CADET software supports all dynamometers both steady state and transient, controls across different technologies, and offers an easy-to-use and flexible automotive software program to fully automate your test cell and provide accurate test run data. View a demo of the CADET user interface including: demo of startup, display screens, custom displays, test history and interface for data analysis.

Sierra's Automotive Test Division, known as Sierra CP, designs, manufactures, and develops of test automation software and hardware for engine conditioning, fuel metering, and emissions and analytical equipment. Automotive testing solutions range from engine, vehicle, powertrain, emissions and component test rigs.

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    CADET V14: Test Automation System

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