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Take Control of Your Facility’s Flow Measurement

Discover how you can make your facility as efficient and accurate as possible. In this video, Sierra's Scott Smitherman explains how Sierra’s iSeries family of flow meters, thermal, vortex and ultrasonic help you take control of all of your facility’s flow measurement challenges.
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Video Transcript

When your flows are running good, you're running good. You want your facility to be as efficient and productive as possible. Rest easy knowing that you're in control of your costs. Accurate flow measurement is one great way to make that happen.

But why does flow measurement need to be so hard? There are so many applications and endless meters and technologies to choose from, the decision can be overwhelming. Sierra manufactures a complete family of flow meters that we call the iSeries. The iSeries family work together as a team to tackle nearly any flow application found in industry. iSeries meters are optimized to reflow what we call flow energy. These include compressed air, natural gas, hot and chilled water, and steam systems to name a few.

Spread across three flow technologies, thermal, vortex and ultrasonic, the iSeries is designed to simplify your user experience. Among the first flow meter technologies to offer user-friendly software apps, iSeries meters have a common user interface so that you don't have to re-learn with each new meter.

Sierra instruments has 45 years of experience designing and manufacturing great flow sensors and meters. We pride ourselves on using the very best calibration to assure the accuracy and repeatability you get is spot on.

So what's the plan? Contact Sierra today to get started. We'll listen to your flow needs, and offer you a custom solution. Receive a free flow energy review. And we'll even come and visit you on site.

When your flows are running good, you know that you're running good. Master your flows with the iSeries family of flow meters. Let Sierra be your guide.

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