Engineering Team Solves All Application Challenges

Customization, Modification, & Private Label

We are solution oriented!

Modification of Existing Product:
Modification of an existing product is defined as adding new features to a standard product in order to meet specific installation or application requirements. We handle many modification requests on a daily basis. For example: the customer may have space constraints or may require a certain size enclosure or a non-standard output (1-5 VDC analog output or 12 VDC power supply for instance). More complex modifications to existing product may require a short testing and development period.

Custom Engineering Projects:
Custom Engineering Projects represent a mass flow design that, while incorporating Sierra’s core mass flow technology, is not a part of our mass flow meter or controller product line. Some of Sierra’s biggest OEM customers rely on Sierra’s ability to custom engineer our product to meet their needs from a design, performance and cost standpoint. We encourage you to bring us ALL Custom Engineering Project requests to us for review because customizing is what we love to do most!

Private Labeling:
Sierra is equipped to change product packaging, colors, labeling, logo/branding, and all collateral paperwork to provide private label customers a new product that fits seamlessly within a current product offering.  Sierra has many long-term private label customers that rely on Sierra’s private label products to grow their sales.