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Custom Product Solutions

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• Private Labeling: Change product packaging, colors, labeling, logo, product sheets, so our product looks like yours.

• Dual Calibration: Allows one flow meter to measure two different gases or the same gas at different operating conditions.

• Extended Probe Lengths: Customized probe lengths for all Sierra Insertion meters

• Special Materials: Wetted materials available in Hastalloy, Carbon Steel, 5-10 RA UHP finishes ON ALL INDUSTRIAL INSTRUMENTS

• High Accuracy Calibrations: 20 point calibrations for exceptional low end accuracy

• Special Enclosures: Polycarbonate, Stainless Steel, Cast Aluminum, water proof, EMI shielded...etc.

• Special Outputs: 1-5, 0-5, 0-20, 4-20...etc.

• Special Calibrations to optimize performance at one or more critical points or to extend the normal operating range of the device

• Special mounting hardware/brackets

• Custom fittings

• Private Labeling solutions for Distributors

• Special firmware and software to enable unique communication solutions

• Custom electronics and enclosures to fit space-constrained locations

• Capillary Solutions

• Custom wiring/adapters to permit easy replacement of competitor’s instruments

• Custom fittings mounted to our instruments or standard fittings welded in place

• Special calibrations optimized at specific points on the flow curve.

• Special displays with custom mounting (i.e. upside-down)

• Special valve set-up for operation outside normal operating parameters (i.e. very low differential pressures)

• Custom product configurations with user-defined accessories (i.e. pneumatic shut off valves mounted downstream of our controller)

• Calibrations with gas flow permitted with valve closed