Dial-A-Gas & Pilot Module

Control. Independence. Flexibility.

All 100 Series mass flow meters and gas controllers are available with our innovative and user-friendly Pilot Module, a front-mounted or hand-held control readout device that gives you the ability to Dial-A-Gas®. Dial-A-Gas results from a patented, inherently linear Laminar Flow Element (LFE) design, advanced platinum sensor technology, and Sierra’s proprietary frictionless-hovering control valve technology. 


Adjust the Following with Dial-A-Gas:

  • Gas type
  • Setpoint value
  • Setpoint source
  • Set zero
  • Set span
  • Set full scale for each of 10 different gases independently
  • Modify engineering units
  • Valve state (open, closed, automatic)
  • Output signals: RS-232, RS-485, 4 to 20mA, 0 to 5 VDC, 1 to 5 VDC, 0 to 10 VDC

With every instrument, Sierra ships free user software that allows the customer to perform all the Dial-A-Gas functions of the local keypad Pilot Module from their computer.  The following ten gases make up the standard Dial-A-Gas offering of every SmartTrak 100, but you can pick any list of gases you want to fully customize your instrument.