Precision Flow Switch for Liquids & Gases - InnovaSwitch

Flow Switch for Precision Detection of Liquid / Gas Flows

InnovaSwitch Flow Switch

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  File Title Version Release Date

InnovaSwitch Technical Datasheet

F 11/28/2023


  File Title Version Release Date

InnovaSwitch 615 Series Instruction Manual

H 11/22/2019


  File Title Version Release Date

615 CSA Certificate of Compliance

1 01/22/2023

EMC Certificate of Conformity

10/21/10 10/21/2010
  InnovaSwitch CE Certificate of Conformity 1.0 10/21/2010
  ARRA Certificate of Conformity 11/3/17 11/03/2017

ISO 9001:2015

2024 05/14/2024

Additional Documentation(6)

  File Title Version Release Date
  Full Line Catalog - German Version V1 08/07/2017
  Sierra Clean Energy Guide V1 01/28/2011

Full Line Product Offering

V4 08/03/2023
  Service Brochure 2.0 04/06/2015
  Terms and Conditions 1.0 11/01/2010
  Warranty Statement 2.0 04/01/2015

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