Rock Solid Mass Flow Controllers


The Ideal Solution for Pharmaceuticals

Engineers in the Biopharmaceuticals industry need modular, precise, and efficient solutions. RedySmart thermal mass flow devices are ready to meet your high demands, with exceptional accuracy and repeatability. Below are just some features built into this exceptional equipment.

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Lifetime No-Drift
Sensor Warranty

Accurate & Reliable MEMS Tech

Our Lifetime No-Drift Sensor Warranty is made possible because RedySmart employs high-precision MEMS (Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems) technology utilizing an advanced, ultra-stable no-drift CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) sensor.

The use of MEMS techniques allow both electronic circuits and mechanical devices to be manufactured on a silicon chip, similar to the process used for integrated circuits.

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Customized to Needs

Ultimate Modularity

The RedySmart Series is the ideal OEM MFC with its compact footprint, easy integration onto a cost-effective gas mixing block, and a wide array of communications protocols. Sierra can produce a mass flow meter or controller to meet your specific requirements.

  • Modularity Customize to Needs
  • Gas Mass Flow Sensor Accurate & Reliable MEMS Tech
  • Communications Human & System Interface
  • Control Precision Valve
  • Advanced Calibration NIST-traceable
  • Lifetime No-Drift Sensor Warranty

Increasing Bioreactor Productivity

Reliable, Repeatable and Flexible
Gas Supply Systems

In a typical bioreactor, microbes are used to produce pharmaceutically active compounds. Vaccines, blood and/or blood components, allergenics, somatic cells, gene therapies, tissues, recombinant therapeutic protein and living cells are all produced as biopharmaceuticals. Bioreactors require precision mass flow control of the gases used to feed the biomass and to ensure proper mixing and distribution. This ensures healthy fermentation. RedySmart delivers.

Improving Burner
Control Efficiency

Gas Mixing & Blending

High accuracy and stable gas mass flow rate control are critical to ensure precise temperature control and the highest quality glass used for pharmaceutical packaging, such as ampoules and vials. RedySmart provides an accurate, stable and highly modular cost-effective solution for this application.

Ultimate Biopharm OEM
Mass Flow Controllers

  • Ultimate OEM MFC- modular, compact footprint, connect power cable & communication system
  • MEMS sensor stability- Lifetime no-drift sensor guarantee
  • Direct mass flow with thermal technology - no temp or
    pressure compensation
  • Precision electromagnetic valve control
  • Competetive OEM Pricing - Cost-effective solutions

Drop-In Replacement for Rotameters

  • Direct Mass Flow for highest accuracy & repeatability
  • MEMS sensor stability- Lifetime no-drift sensor warranty
  • Regulate flow with high resolution manual setpoint
  • Compact footprint for easy drop in replacement to VA meters
  • Large touchscreen display with intuitive and easy to use navigation
  • High-precision MEMS technology: No-drift (lifetime guaranteed) CMOS sensor

Accurate & Repeatable Gas Mass Flow Control

  • OEM pricing with digital high-performance
  • Small footprint at 50 slpm ideal for OEMs
  • 5-point NIST calibration on primary standards
  • Large display to view flow information easily
  • Choice of construction in aluminum or 316 stainless steel

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