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Technical Resources: Power Supply and Cabling Options

May 22, 2013

Believe it or not, many times selecting the correct power supply and cable for your product is the most challeging part of specifying and installation. To make these decisions easy, we have the Technical Resources: Power Supply and Cabling guide to help you choose the best power supply and cable for your meter or controller.

This guide not only has descriptions but drawings to demonstrate each configuration (see figure 1 & 5 ). Having the right power supply and communication cables makes all the difference in obtaining accurate mass flow readings in the most efficient way possible. Read on to learn about the individual power supply products we offer for the SmartTrak 100 series, the detailed communication cable configurations, and the accessories that you’re sure to find invaluable as you begin to use your new mass flow controller.

Power Supplies for Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

Flow Meter Cabling Options

Fig. 1

  • 100-T8D. This two-lead, 24 VDC power supply with 15-pin D-connector is the simplest way to power your flow meter or controller and is compatible with all low-flow 100 series controllers and all sizes of our 100 Series meters. Display software is included to read the flow or provide a flow signal. See Fig. 1.

  • 100-T8F. Instead of a connector, this 24 VDC power supply has two bare fly leads that can be soldered onto the appropriate wires of one our communication cables. This power supply is compatible with low-flow 100 Series controllers and all sizes of meters.

Communication Cables For Efficient Flow Meter Measurement

Power Cabling Options

Fig. 5

  • 100-Analog Cable. This 15-conductor “do everything” cable features fly leads that allow you to create your own connection to your power supply, analog or digital output, control signals and your PLC. In addition to 1, 3, 10 and 25-foot lengths, this cable can be custom ordered to meet your flow meter measurement needs. See Fig. 5.

  • 100-RS232 Digital Cable. This 6-foot cable provides a simple 3-wire connection to your computer. Simply plug into the side of the SmartTrak 100, 101 or 140, and use the other 9-pin serial port connector to connect to your computer.

Accessory Options to Complete Your Ideal Flow Meter Setup

  • Serial to USB. If your computer doesn’t have a 9-pin serial port, this adapter easily converts the 100-RS232 Digital Cable referenced above to USB. See Fig. 5 above.

  • 15-pin Connector D-kit. If you prefer to construct your own cable for power and/or signals going in and out of your SmartTrak mass flow controller, then this connector set is for you!

  • Remote Pilot Module. This remote display/touchpad connects to the RJ45 socket and allows you to control your mass flow meter from up to 10 feet away.

As you can see, we offer an extensive line of power cabling options so that your Sierra mass flow meter or controller meets your specific requirements and environment. For all your gas measurement needs, be sure to browse our many product lines designed with accurate flow measurement in mind.

What are your most pressing questions about power supply and cable options?

Erica Giannini, Marketing Manager
Written By:
Erica Giannini, Marketing Manager
Sierra Instruments

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