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New Video: Best Cabling Wiring Connections, Power Options

May 09, 2013

Interestingly enough, our technical support team gets more questions about the compatibility between our power supplies and cabling options than any other installation question. This, as you know, is an important step to getting your MFC up and running-and providing you with accurate air flowmeter measurements—in no time. In recent weeks our, Technical Support Supervisor, Jim Oswald, has walked you through unpacking, set-up and leak testing of your new MFC. In our latest video, Jim details power supply and wiring connections and your options for powering your mass flow controller

As Jim explained, depending on the needs of your application, you will choose different cabling options for your Mass Flow Controller, and it really depends on your particular application. To make the process even easier, Sierra has the right cabling options for you to purchase online for fast delivery. Have further wiring-related questions? Jim mentioned our Quick Installation Guides for each product which you can find in our documents and downloads section or our power supply & cabling guide.  As always, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We want to know: What are your most common application questions? Use our live chat to get answers real-time.

Erica Giannini, Marketing Manager
Written By:
Erica Giannini, Marketing Manager
Sierra Instruments

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