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The New Vortex iSeries has Arrived!

Oct 28, 2015

InnovaMass. Reinvented. I am proud to announce on behalf of our entire development team, our completely re-designed, next generation InnovaMass 240i and 241i vortex volumetric flow and multivariable mass flow meter product line. Learn more…

The all new iSeries InnovaMass 240i inline and 241i insertion vortex flow meters are manufactured at our brand new assembly and calibration facility in Monterey, California. I think you will find this new product exemplifies on our tradition of innovation with improvements and features like:

  • New Raptor II OS operating system “Flow Engine”

  • 10x faster processing speed

  • It has Apps like: FloPro, qMix, Dial-A-Pipe, Dial-A-Fluid

  • Easy field setup, meter tuning and instrument validation

  • Field firmware upgrades

  • And much more

Learn more… Reduced Cost of Ownership: With five high accuracy measurements available from InnovaMass, total cost-of-ownership plummets. Lower initial cost, less complex installation, and reduced maintenance costs contributed to significant overall savings. Did You Know?  In 1997, Sierra was the first to design and introduce a multivariable mass vortex flow meter to the world with InnovaMass. Today, multivariable mass vortex units are an industry standard. InnovaMass is a Registered Trademark of Sierra Instruments, Inc., Monterey, California

Matthew Olin, President
Written By:
Matthew Olin, President
Sierra Instruments

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