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Sierra's Flare Measurement Solutions Prepare the Oil & Gas Industry for Sweeping Regulation Changes

August 4, 2022 – Monterey, California –Sierra Instruments headquartered in Monterey, California, is rolling out a complete field-tested gas flow measurement and regulation solution for major oil and gas producers in the United States. A new brochure features their QuadraTherm 640i, a highly innovative thermal mass flow meter that employs their qMix and RealTime software to optimize processing speed and provide the highest accuracy.

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“Oil companies are anxiously exploring cost-effective solutions in the face of increasing pressure from federal and state governments to optimize gas flow measurement and meet regulations,” says Dave Huntley, Sierra’s National Sales Manager. “With an uncertain political climate, the future of flare measurement is anything but clear. To comply with existing and future regulations and avoid expensive fines, we recommend acting now to understand your measurement options and be prepared.”

Sierra is acutely aware of the challenges producers face in measuring natural gas in flare, combustor, and VOC applications. Flow measurement error can be as high as 20% in flare applications over the life of the well due to widely varying compositions and density changes. And flare flow rates can range from very small to very large during upset conditions. QuardraTherm 640i with qMix meets those challenges.

QuadraTherm is the world’s most accurate thermal mass flow meter: The inline version delivers accuracy within +/- 0.5% of reading, and the insertion version is within +/- 0.75% of reading. QuadraTherm’s revolutionary four-sensor technology provides critical inputs, while its patented Drysense sensor technology eliminates drift.

QuadraTherm also delivers direct measurement of gas flow, unlike differential pressure (dP) meters that require additional calculations to convert volumetric flow to mass flow, the measurement most often required. Direct measurement allows the meter to provide low-end sensitivity for flares, venting, and leak detection. And it measures very high flows during upset conditions.

With its flexibility, qMix software easily manages gas composition changes without factory calibration. And with qMix RealTime software, part of Sierra’s qMix RealTime Flare Management System, you can automatically adjust for gas composition changes as they happen.

Sierra has invested heavily in their factory gas calibration loop to simulate field conditions. Their NIST traceable calibration lab uses extremely high accuracy multi-beam ultrasonic meters as a measurement standard.

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