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HeatPak For Engine / Vehicle Testing

New Particulate Package Built to EPA 1065 Regulation

Lansing, MI – October 23, 2009 –Sierra’s Heat-Pak™ is a heated and controlled particulate package built to the EPA 1065 regulation.

The Heat–Pak™ takes the diluted exhaust sample through a cyclonic separator, and controls the temperature and residence time to the filter face. It contains a cyclonic separator, residence chamber and the ability to be controlled and verified by Sierra Emissions Systems’ Model BG®-3 Particulate Partial Flow Sampling System. The system can also be used in a manual mode with other devices.

Heat-Pak™ Key Features:

•    Meets EPA 1065 Regulation
•    Plug and play control and verification by the BG-3
•    Can be used in manual mode with other devices
•    Can be placed within the customer test cell and close to the exhaust stack
•    Can also be adapted to any filter multi-changer like Sierra's Automatic Filter Changer
•    Maintains the 47 °C within +/- 2 °C

For complete technical information on the Heat-Pak™ visit website or call 800-866-0200 and speak to one of Sierra’s flow experts.

Sierra Instruments Inc., 5 Harris Court, Building L, Monterey, CA 93940
PH (800) 866-0200, FAX (831) 373-4402.

About Sierra Instruments Emissions Systems

• Sierra Emissions Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sierra Instruments, Inc.

• Sierra Instruments, Inc. is well known as " The Mass Flow Company " and manufactures high-performance mass flow meters and controllers for use in numerous industries and applications throughout the world.

• In 1990, Sierra received the exclusive worldwide license for Caterpillar’s patented micro-dilution technology.

• Sierra's knowledge of mass flow measurement and control, a key to partial flow sampling, and Caterpillar’s vast engine development and emissions testing knowledge formed a formidable technology partnership.

• For well over a decade, this technology partnership has yielded a line of world-class partial flow sampling systems: The Model BG®-1, Model BG®-2, and now the very versatile Model BG®-3 provides accurate, repeatable Engine Particulate Matter (PM) emissions measurements for transient and steady-state test cycles for engine and vehicle testing. 
Learn more about Sierra Instruments Emissions Systems here.


Press Contact:
Maryadine Washington, Marketing Manager
831-373-4402 (fax)