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Software and Hardware for Customized Testing Solutions

Cadet V14 Test Automation Software Combines Multichannel Control with High-Speed Data Logging

Thirty years of successfully meeting tough customer challenges has taught Sierra-CP that the concept of “one solution fits all” just doesn’t work for automotive software. To help meet the challenges of the rapidly changing automotive industry, Sierra-CP has developed advanced engine and vehicle software and hardware solutions that cover the complete scope of test applications. Open design and a common, easy-to-use computer interface enable Sierra-CP’s automotive data logging software to integrate seamlessly with existing instrumentation and other manufacturers’ equipment, or build turnkey systems designed for specific requirements.

Applications for Sierra-CP’s customized data logging software include emissions, endurance, motorsport, performance development, climatic, calibration, NVH, production and quality audit. Sierra-CP manufactures a wide variety of automotive emissions troubleshooting software to meet nearly any engine and vehicle test application.

At the heart of Sierra-CP’s solutions is its proprietary Cadet V14 test automation software, which combines accurate multichannel control with high-speed data logging acquisition. Because it develops the software in-house, Sierra-CP has the ability to do rapid software customization for clients no matter how complex the troubleshooting demands may be. From upgrading existing facilities to custom end-to-end solutions for an automotive emissions software lab, Sierra-CP provides the most advanced simulation software available for engine and vehicle testing.

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