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Sierra Introduces Direct Exhaust Mass Flow Meter

Monterey, CA – November 13, 2013 – The Automotive Test Division of Sierra, known as Sierra-CP Engineering, is a global engine, vehicle and emissions test specialist.  ExhaustTrak was designed to satisfy customer requirement for a rugged, accurate and fast solution for direct exhaust mass flow measurement and is specifically design for transient cycle flow rate measurement.

“With our deep roots in flow measurement for over 40 years in our Flow Division, we believe we have, in ExhaustTrak, an innovative raw engine exhaust mass flowmeter to solve this tough application for end users in the automotive testing space” says Matthew Olin, President of Sierra.

ExhaustTrak Features

  • In-situ direct exhaust mass flow measurement
  • Provides accurate, real-time exhaust mass results
  • No chemical balance analysis needed
  • Produces proportional analog signal for PM sampling devices (BG®3) or other
  • Produces output in engineering units to host
  • Fuel H/C input, direct O2 measurement capability allows for real-time exhaust molecular weight compensation    

In addition to raw exhaust (pre or post-aftertreatment), ExhaustTrak is ideal for intake air mass flow, diluted exhaust, or crankcase combustion fumes.  Taking clues from our use of porous media (sintered stainless steel) in our patented partial flow dilution tunnel utilized by the BG®3, we use circumferential porous media as pressure interface material to elevate subsonic venturi flow meter technology to a whole new level.  The design provides fully averaged radial pressure sampling at the throat and inlet locations.  Flow inaccuracies due to velocity profile skew are minimized.  As a result, straight length requirements for installing the ExhaustTrak are relaxed, as it is nearly immune to bias effects created by bend-induced swirl.

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