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Sierra Introduces Next Generation Partial Flow Dilution System

Monterey, CA – January 7, 2014 – The Automotive Test Division of Sierra, known as Sierra-CP Engineering, is a global engine, vehicle and emissions test specialist introduces its next generation optimized BG3 transient partial flow dilution system called BG3 Elite

The Elite not only has a new look, but is refined for applications requiring 47mm filter media such as Part 1065, and combines smaller, more precise flow control valves and flow measurement components with an upgraded pressure transducer suite to build on its industry-leading technology base.  Sierra-CP's proprietary CADET V14 software is being introduced on the Elite product, along with a patented feature that actively controls diluted sample to an off-board measurement device while simultaneously maintaining Part 1065-required metrics for proportionality and filter face velocity required for gravimetric sampling.

“Over the last 30 years, Sierra-CP has developed advanced equipment and hardware/ software solutions that cover the complete scope of automotive test applications to help engineers all over the world meet the challenges they face in a continually changing automotive industry. The BG3 Elite is just the latest examples of our continuing dedication to ensuring client needs are met without compromise” says Matthew Olin, President of Sierra. 

BG3 Elite Benefit & Features

  • Compliant to US EPA 40 CFR Part 1065
  • Protected by 13 United States Patents
  • Documented gravimetric correlation to CVS
  • Any size/type engine, any fuel
  • Outstanding transient sampling fidelity
  • Interface AirTrak intake air mass meter
  • Supports light-duty bag sampling and Euro6 PN
  • Interface SootTrak real-time solid particle mass, number, size
  • Interface ExhaustTrak raw exhaust mass meter
  • Satisfies IS0 8178 & 16183, 40 CFR Part 89, Euro 3, 4, 5 & 6
  • Approximately 1/10th of HD CVS system cost of ownership
  • Approximately 1/100th to 1/1000th the annual energy usage of HD CVS
  • Patented PFD (Partial Flow Dilution) tunnel has ultra-low particulate loss and requires no cleaning with proper operation
  • Outstanding integrity of internal flow systems via proven proprietary daily mirror calibration method
  • Yields excellent accuracy and repeatability over a wide range of dilution ratios
  • Portable from cell to cell to maximize flexibility and ROI
  • Ability to accurately measure PM either pre and post catalyst and/or DPF for research or DF testing


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