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Air compressors, used in many industrial processes, consume a great deal of energy in the form of electricity. Sierra's flow meters for compressed air precisely measure the compressed air outputs, so companies can pinpoint usage spikes, leakage rates and determine when service or upgrades are required. Conducting compressed air audits significantly increases profitability and efficiency when completed with the proper compressed air flow meter.

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Compressed Air Flow Meter FAQ

Q: How is compressed air flow in a pipe calculated?

A: Compressed air production and allocation can be consistently measured using compressed air flow meters that calculate direct mass flow, pressure, temperature, and density at a single measurement point. Measuring mulitple process variables allows for a more accurate compressed air usage profile because both mass flow and pressure are used to assess compressor capacity, identify leaks, and optimize allocation. It’s also important that the air flow meter can operate accurately at peak flows as well as low flows. This means the compressed air flow meter must have high turndowns such as 100:1.

Precision Compressed Air Tracking

The less electricity companies use to produce the compressed air, the more efficient the compressors run, which saves money on energy costs. Manage your compressed air system with meters that:

  • Measure mass flow directly, so no temperature or pressure compensation is required.
  • Have a very high turndown, allowing the same flow meter to measure very low leak rates as well as full operational flows.
  • Operate over a wide range of temperatures and pressures.

Through efficient compressed air system management using accurate flow meters, companies can save thousands in compressed air costs. Learn more about how compressed air is measured, view additional compressed air flow resources below, or place your order today.

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