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Breakthrough in Flare Gas Measurement

One Thermal Flow Meter Manages Gas Composition — In The Field

Flare Gas Measurement

Now, for the first time in history, oil & gas engineers have a viable alternative to ultrasonic technology to comply with EPA regulations for ultra low flows. Oil & Gas engineers can use one QuadraTherm® thermal mass flow meter with qMix™ software to manage changes in flare gas composition for ultra low flows down to 0.1 sfps (0.03 smps).

Flare gas mass flow meter application tech note

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QuadraTherm with qMix App Improves Efficiency

  • Manages flare gas composition changes in the field-no recalibration required
  • Performs under tough application conditions-changing gas compositions, very low flows, and high velocity at upset conditions
  • Offers a smart alternative to ultrasonic, turbine meters & orifice plates to comply with EPA regulations
  • Improves process efficiency-save money on instrumentation & calibration costs


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Read this Tech Note to see real applications in the gas and oil industry that have benefited from this breakthrough in flare gas measurement technology.
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