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Breakthrough In Flare Gas Measurement

One Thermal Flow Meter Manages Gas Composition- In the Field

Accurately measuring the flow of gas mixtures in oil and gas applications such as distribution systems, flare gas, and hydraulic fracturing, is often complicated by changes in gas composition over time. Now, for the first time in history, oil and gas engineers have a viable alternative to ultrasonic technology to comply with EPA regulations for ultra-low flows. The QuadraTherm® thermal mass flow meter with qMix™ software can manage changes in flare gas composition over a wide flow range of 0.1 to 1000 sfps (0.03 to 305smps).

QuadraTherm with qMix App improves efficiency by:

  • Managing flare gas composition changes in the field-no recalibration required
  • Performing under tough application conditions (changing gas compositions, very low flows, and high velocity at upset conditions)
  • Offering a smart alternative to ultrasonic, turbine meters, and orifice plates to comply with EPA regulations
  • Improving process efficiency, saving money on instrumentation and calibration costs
Watch the video above for more flare gas flow meter information and download our free Flare Gas Measurement Tech Note.

Video Transcript

Flare gas measurement. In a perfect world, you don't want any gas going to flare. But we don't live in a perfect world. We live in a world within the oil and gas regime where flows can be minuscule, or flows can result in a hundred foot high flare. You’ve got to measure it. 

How in the world are you going to be able to measure across those kind of big turn downs? Gas composition changes, there are all different types of challenges to that flow measurement. Sierra QuadraTherm 640i can handle all of it for you. 

Turn down is a huge issue with this. But here recently, one of the growing demands is being able to measure ultra, ultra-low flow in vary large pipes. I'm talking flow rates where the full scale would be a hundred standard feet per minute or less. QuadraTherm can do that. 

Based on new data and new research that we've done, we can now calibrate a QuadraTherm to an unbelievably low full scale flow rate, so that you can measure flow rates in the realm of four, or five, or six SCFM in large pipes with very good accuracy. No one else in the world can do anything close to that.

So if you have a very, very low flow application on a flare, QuadraTherm is for you. Flare gas measurement and changing gas composition. The beauty of QuadraTherm and its qMix capability allows you to come up with any gas composition you want, while you're in the field, while the meter is actually installed in the flare pipe. Upload that composition into the meter and you're accurately measuring that new composition. 

A lot of the rules and regulations say that you need to update gas composition every three months, or every six months. We've got you covered. You can do it on site. Takes you no more than 10 minutes to do that and you're measuring that entire time except for maybe 30 seconds while it's updating the meter. In terms of continuous measurement, accurate measurement with changing gas composition, QuadraTherm has you covered.


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