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How to Achieve Maximum Boiler Efficiency

Accurately measuring methane flow is critical to boiler efficiency. In this video, Sierra’s Glenn Coblenz explains how to measure the flow energy in your boiler to obtain optimal process efficiency and cost savings with a thermal mass flow meter.

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Video Transcript

One of the big issues that I see when I visit boiler manufacturers or large facilities is the challenge of flow energy measurement of methane.


When you're trying to achieve boiler efficiency, there are three main parts to that. You have steam mass flow, you have water flow, and you have methane gas flow. What I want to talk about today is how you are measuring the energy of that methane flow.

You need to be able to capture low flows and very high flows because all of that methane is combusted into energy that then turns into steam energy. So you want to be able to measure that methane energy as accurately as you can and across the widest range possible. And that's where Sierra thermal mass flow meters come in to help with that challenge.

Any one of our thermal mass flow meters can measure all the way to zero flow and up to very high flow rates. You're ensured of capturing the most accurate mass flow measurement of your methane that you can to make a correct boiler efficiency calculation.

How do Sierra mass flow meters for measuring methane help you with costs? Well, I've been to many, many facilities and one of the biggest issues that you see is folks running either very rich or very lean. In either case, you're wasting money. But if you have an accurate flow measurement on mass flow, you can optimize that burner combustion and make sure that every molecule of methane is being converted into energy into your steam.

Boilers that are running very rich are costing customers a tremendous amount of money. Plus, you have emission problems as well because the last thing you want is unburned methane going out through the boiler into the atmosphere. Then you're going to have all kinds of regulation issues as well.

A good way to solve that is Sierra mass flow meters. You'll know exactly what's going through that pipe, and you can make adjustments to make sure that you're running as efficiently as possible and bringing as many dollars as possible to the bottom line.

At Sierra, we have a full family of thermal mass flow meters for methane flow measurement. We go from simple, economical 620S BoilerTrak meters to 640S gas mass flow meters to our state-of-the-art QuadraTherm meter. This particular meter allows you to have unlimited field flexibility. You can change pipe size, gas composition, standard conditions, and engineering unit. For those that want to get as accurate of a measurement as possible, and with a full range of capabilities, QuadraTherm would be the way to go.



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