Meet Sierra's Heavy Industrial Flow and Level Switch Products!

Sierra's InnovaSwitch™ flow and level switches represent the state-of-the-art in gaseous and liquid flow switching or liquid level control. InnovaSwitch was designed to meet a broad range of performance and environmental application requirements. The sensor and other wetted materials are 316L stainless steel and feature all welded construction with no moving parts. The InnovaSwitch is easy to install and adjust, giving reliable, low maintenance performance in the most demanding applications.

Flow and level detection is accomplished by using a high-resolution thermal differential technique. The sensor consists of a pair of matched Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD's). One RTD is self-heated using a constant DC current. The other RTD is unheated and provides an accurate process temperature reference. The thermal differential created between the reference and the heated RTD pair is a function of the density and/or velocity of the media with which the sensor is in contact.

Common InnovaSwitch Applications:

Pump protection • Safety spray nozzle monitoring • Cooling water/heat exchangers • Oil well system testing • Drain line flow • Relief valve monitoring • Seal detection • Chemical injection • Lubricant monitoring • HVAC monitoring • Reverse vent flow monitoring • Flow direction detection • Reverse pressure detection • Valve switching verification

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InnovaSwitch Flow Switch

Flow Switch for Precision Detection of Liquid / Gas Flows

  • Ultra-sensitive with fast response time
  • Ideal for industrial pump protection
  • 1-year warranty
  • Unique high temperature up to +458°C

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