Leak Testing

Made easy with SmartTrak and Compod

With a SmartTrak mass flow controller upgraded with Compod, leak testing is made easy.  An article must be checked for leakage. The regulator R1 is set manually to the leak-test pressure. This is usually a pressure above operating pressure of the DUT (device under test).

A SmartTrak MFC is given a setpoint appropriate to fill the DUT at a moderate rate. The MFC’s Compod monitors the flow rate. When the flow rate drops to zero, the pressure in the DUT is equal the pressure of R1. The internal software in Compod senses that the flow has stopped and the Compod closes the valve in the MFC and trips an alarm (light) for the operator telling him the DUT is pressurized and the leak test is ready to begin. The operator sees the alarm light and opens the ball valve V2 manually.

The leak test begins and the mass flow meter measures the flow rate. So long as the flow rate is below a pre-determined levebelow level (flow noise), the DUT passes the test. If the flow rate is above this defined level, the Compod sends an alarm indicating the DUT is leaking and the DUT is failed.