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Ammonia Gas Flow Measurement Challenges & Solutions

Jan 20, 2014

Measuring and controlling ammonia can be tricky. One mistake during the transition from gas to liquid and your instrumentation is ruined. In the video below, Glen Coblentz, Vice President of North American Sales, gives some tips for successful mass flow measurement and control of ammonia. It could mean the difference between success and a costly mistake!

What challenges have you had measuring or controlling ammonia?

Video Transcript

Hello, Glen Coblentz from PITTCON 2012 again. We’ve had many people stop by the booth this week, wanting to measure or control ammonia flow. We’ve got a perfect product for that.

There’s a couple precautions that you have to take. And some of the customers that have stopped by have run into the problems of the ammonia going from gas to liquid, ruining the mass flow controller they currently use, et cetera.

The C100 works great on ammonia. It is not one of the 10 preprogrammed gases, but an easy gas substitution. We’ll put the ammonia into the C100, it’ll work fine.

But the key with ammonia is it’s got to be dry, and it’s got to be very warm. The max spec on this is 122F, and we recommend heating the tube, the gas tubes coming into it and out, to at least 115 and also getting a hot plate under your meter or controller and warming up the stainless-steel body to about 115.

If you take all of those precautions, you’re going to be able to measure ammonia gas flow for years and years with no problem. Thank you.

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Jim Oswald, Technical Support Manager
Written By:
Jim Oswald, Technical Support Manager
Sierra Instruments

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