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Totalize Multiple Gases Independently: Watch Video!

Sep 26, 2013

The need to measure, totalize, and monetize gas flow is not going away. In fact, the requirement to accurately totalize and monetize gas is becoming even more critical with our boom in natural gas and other industrial processes. Almost all mass flow meter companies have the ability to totalize one gas being measured. This is pretty standard practice.

What happens when the customer needs to switch mixtures during a process and totalize multiple gases? They may either invalidate their running total or manually record the total and reenter the values later. Neither option is optimal.


More and more often, industrial applications require totalization of multiple gases. Recently, a customer had an application where one mixture was flowing for most of the process, but at certain times a blowout phase was initiated which drastically altered flow rate and composition. The customer needed the ability to totalize these two phases separately. The new Flow Totalizer for the QuadraTherm 640i/780i mass flow meter meets this need.

In flare gas measurement, for example, as gas compositions change, meters are required to totalize the flow of multiple gas compositions. These applications present a problem when you attempt to totalize their flow. When compositions shift without any adjustments being made to the meter, the totalization will be directly affected resulting in invalid results.

Sierra has solved these problems with our new Flow Totalizer feature and its ability to independently totalizing each gas mixture. With Sierra’s QuadraTherm mass flow meter, mixture profiles can be generated for known compositions and loaded into the meter’s gas slots. Then, as composition changes, these profiles can be applied and totalized independently, allowing the end-user to achieve a much more accurate mass flow total which isn’t spoiled by fluctuating compositions.

Features of Multi-Gas Flow Totalizer for Mass Flow Meters

  • Allows an end-user to totalize the measured flow for each of these gas ‘slots’ independently.

  • Allows for a smooth transition between gas mixes, while ensuring accumulated flow totals remain continuous and accurate.

  • Adjust Units per pulse and pulse width for each gas slot independently.

  • End-users have the ability to create unique flow totalizer profiles for each of their gas mixtures.

  • View the totalized value of multiple gases.

  • Reset totalizer.

Learn more about the new Flow Totalizer and its applications.

Maryadine Washington, Mar-Com Manager
Written By:
Maryadine Washington, Mar-Com Manager
Sierra Instruments

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