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Simplify The Flow Meter Selection Process with Sierra Instruments’ New App

Jul 20, 2021

Need to measure flow but don’t know what type of flow meter you need? Our new app gives you the answers-quickly and easily.  Sierra Instruments is excited to announce the launch of our new flow meter selection app to simplify the flow meter specification process.

Our new app helps you find the right flow meter for your application in just a few clicks. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. We know specifying a flow meter is not easy becausee one size flow meter does not fit all. Accurate flow meter specification depends on many variables like desired accuracy, flow rate, temperature, pressure, gas type, pipe, or fitting size.

Select Your Perfect Flow Meter with Four Simple Questions

Launch the app by clicking the “Select a Meter” button on the home page. The new app will then run through a logical sequence of essential questions needed to quickly specify the correct flow meter for your application:

  1. What fluid are you measuring-gas, liquid, or steam?

  2. Estimated flow rate?

  3. Pipe or fitting size?

  4. Hot tap requirements?

With your answers, our new flow meter selection app will serve up tailored flow meter product recommendations for your application. The app also integrates Sierra’s online store into the results to give you the option to buy online for fast delivery. If you become stuck, connect easily with Sierra’s flow experts to get answers to your questions.

Try the flow meter selection app today and see for yourself how it works.


Maryadine Washington, Mar-Com Manager
Written By:
Maryadine Washington, Mar-Com Manager
Sierra Instruments

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