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Sensor Probe Insertion/Retractor Simplifies Installation of Steam Flow Meters in Hot Tapping Applications

Oct 26, 2016

retractor-equation-2jpgAccurately measuring fluid flows like steam in large ducts or pipes is a challenging application. Large ducts and pipes often have swirl or turbulent flow which makes accurate flow measurement difficult. Not to mention, installation of steam flow meters can be extremely challenging since in many cases you will need to shut off the steam flow to install the meter. This is just not practical.

For many facilities, “shutting the steam down” for flow meter installation is cost prohibitive due to the loss of energy allocation or halting critical process.  One common practice to install steam flow meters into the active flow is to “hot tap” the flow meter into the pipe without shutting down at all.

As you can imagine, due to high temperatures and pressures hot tapping in large pipes is an application that very few flow measurement devices can handle.

Sierra’s insertion retractor for the InnovaMass Vortex Flow Meter, however, can be easily “hot tapped” into any size pipe with process connections from 150 lb. flange up to 600 lb. flange with its newly re-designed retractor.

Watch our “how-to” video demonstrating the newly designed, compact, ergonomic InnovaMass iSeries vortex flow meter insertion/retractor which makes hot tapping into large pipes easy, no matter the pipe orientation. It has a 180 degree rotation and works well in tight spaces. The video also shows how to install the retractor, how to find the centerline of the pipe, and how to actuate up and down. Use one retractor for multiple products!

Already have a 241i with a retractor? What are your thoughts?

Need additional information? Visit our guide to the InnovaMass 241i.

Scott Rouse, Product Line Director
Written By:
Scott Rouse, Product Line Director
Sierra Instruments

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