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Very Low Pressure Drop, High Flows: This Beast Has Wings!

May 05, 2011

Hammer-Trak Model C140

Meet the MFC we proudly call “Hammer-Trak”…

What if you require very low-pressure drop across your mass flow controller and need to control higher flows?

Case in point: I had a customer asked me to design an MFC to handle medium-to-high flows (100-500 slpm Air), with at MOST 1.0 PSIG delta across the unit.  To solve this difficult problem and through discussions with our team, I combined our Smart-Trak 2 Model 100 Medium Flow body, with our high flow valve from our Side-Trak Model: 840 High Flow.  As a result,  the internal bore for the LFE is the same as the Smart-Trak Med Flow, and the control valve is that of a high flow; combined, we have Model 100 + Model (8)40 ==C==> C140M!

The name I derived from the old saying, “kill a fly with a hammer,” in reference to the seemingly oversized valve for the flow rates covered. In some configurations, this unit can properly control flows of about 200 slpm, with about 0.75 PSID delta across the unit.  In other configurations, it can handle flows of 500 slpm Argon @ 100 PSID delta.  This beast has wings!

Sierra is known for tackling tough flow challenges, the majority of the time, free of engineering charge adders.

Morgan Zealear, Engineer
Written By:
Morgan Zealear, Engineer
Sierra Instruments

Response to Very Low Pressure Drop, High Flows: This Beast Has Wings!
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    Superior thinking demonstrated above. Thanks!

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