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Sierra to Present Paper on CAHU and ExhaustTrak at Automotive Testing Expo North America

Monterey, CA – October 17, 2014 –Sierra-CP Engineering, a global engine, vehicle and emissions test company, announces they present two papers along with showing all their new products at this year’s Automotive Testing Expo North American in Novi, Michigan (booth 13012), October 28-30.

"Our innovative direct exhaust flow meter and combustion air handling technology are examples of our uncompromising focus on reducing our customers' test variability and uncertainty for the highest level of precision measurement and control, says Matthew Olin, Sierra President & CEO.

Sierra will make two presentations on the subject at hand:

Presentation 1: Title: “Raw Exhaust Mass Flow Measurement Innovation” , this paper will be presented by Jared Gellar, Sierra Product Manager, will focus on solving the challenges of obtaining accurate, real-time determination of raw exhaust gas mass flow. In 2011, the EPA granted the use of raw measurement methods for certifying engines below 560kW for gaseous and particulate matter emissions on the Non-Road Transient Cycle (NRTC). This allowed partial flow dilution systems for PM certification; however, the challenge of obtaining accurate, real-time determination of raw exhaust gas mass flow remained. Sierra developed ExhaustTrak, a subsonic venturi design employing circumferential porous averaging rings at the inlet and throat measurement locations to obtain radially averaged pressure values. Straight-length installation restrictions are relaxed and the unit can measure the mass flow rate of intake air flow, diluted exhaust, raw exhaust, etc.

Presentation 2: Title: “Combustion Air Handing Units (CAHU) - Evolution of Design” this paper will be presented by Phil Roberts, Head of Applications. The paper explains why precise control of air consumed by engines is one of the essential developer requirements, and discusses how combustion air-handling units (CAHU) offer a range of system solutions that condition all aspects of the ambient air supply including pressure, temperature and humidity levels to conform to precise end-user specifications. The paper explores how CAHU equipment generates conditioned engine intake air that is ideal for emissions work and for standardizing the engine intake air conditions for mapping and optimization work. Also, how CAHU improves test cell productivity by reducing test days lost due to adverse atmospheric conditions.

Presentation Times:
Day 1, 1:00 p.m. (13:00) “PM Sampling Innovation”
Day 2, 11:40 a.m. – “How High-Performance Combustion Air-Handling Units Improve Engine Testing”

Visitors to Automotive Testing Expo will be able to see the launch of Sierra’s new full length documentary video along with live demonstration/presentation of both the ExhaustTrak and BG3 Elite at Sierra’s booth 13012 every day of the show. In addition, visitors to the show can also learn about other offerings from Sierra including their CADET V14.

For those not able to get to Automotive Testing North America, information on the ExhaustTrak, CAHU, BG3 Elite, video link and other offerings from Sierra can be found by visiting their website.

Press Contact:
Maryadine Washington, Marketing Manager
831-373-4402 (fax)