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Sierra Introduces New Compod

New Compod Simplifies Basic Flow Control Installations

MONTEREY, CA – April 9, 2009 – Sierra Instruments, a world leading manufacturer of mass flow meters and controllers, announces its new programmable control module, the Compod™.

With its advanced capabilities, the Compod™, coupled with Sierra’s Smart-Trak® mass flow meters (MFM’s) and controllers  (MFC’s) greatly simplifies basic flow control installations and permits networking of multiple instruments using open-source MODBUS RTU protocol.  By adding the Compod™ module to a new or existing Smart-Trak® MFM or MFC, end users can take complete control. Two digital outputs and one analog input can be configured by the end user for a wide variety of process controls including:

Gas mixing and blending
Batch control
Leak Testing
Process monitoring
• Pressure monitoring and control
• Gas ratio control
• Internal performance monitoring
• Triggering alarms
• Starting or stopping gas flows automatically under user-defined conditions
• Gas flow totalization with adjustable pulse output
• And many more…

Compod™ also monitors the functionality of the mass flow meter or controller and includes diagnostics, notifying users of faults or system updates.

The Compod™ mounts to any Sierra Smart-Trak® 100 Series converting the instruments’ internal RS-232 communications into multi-drop RS-485/MODBUS RTU. With MODBUS, multiple instruments can be daisy-chained over a single network. When used with a PLC or master computer, each instrument equipped with Compod™ becomes a node on the MODBUS network, capable of sending and receiving data, and commands.  Even complex process control systems can be automated with the power of Compod™ and Sierra’s Smart-Trak® 100 Series.

Users can utilize Sierra’s provided software or write proprietary software using open-source MODBUS protocol to configure standard functions for the Smart-Trak® 100 Series.  Compod’s two digital input/output channels and the analog input channel and a configurable pulse output channel can automate gas processes without the need for an external PLC or computer. 

Unique Benefits of the Compod™ 

•    Controls simple processes without the need for external PLCs or computers
•    Acts as a vital link in a complex process control network
•    Monitors the operation of instruments and provides potential problem alerts
•    Is available with a local LCD Display for local monitoring
•    Can be used with new instruments or added to existing models

With all of the above features, Compod™ can perform the same functions as much more complex control systems at a fraction of the cost, so using Compod™ is smart in more ways than one.

Complete technical information on the Compod™ is available online or free of charge from Sierra Instruments, Inc., 5 Harris Court, Building L, Monterey, CA 93940 PH (800) 866-0200, FX (831) 373-4402.

Sierra is one of the most trusted manufacturers of high performance flow meters and controllers today. By combining superior product quality with a talented global support network of flow experts in 47 countries, Sierra consistently delivers quality flow measurement solutions for each customer.

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Press Contact:
Maryadine Washington, Marketing Manager
831-373-4402 (fax)