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Sierra Introduces SmartTrak 2 Series

Sierra Significantly Re-designs Its Flagship Controllers

MONTEREY, CA – May 5, 2009 – This week, Sierra Instruments introduced their Smart-Trak® 2, a significant re-design of their flagship Series 100 Digital Mass Flow Meters and Controllers. The result of over five years of user feedback, new features of the Smart-Trak® 2 have added even more control, independence and flexibility. Sierra is also proud to introduce the Compod™, a Smart-Trak® 2 add-on that expands networking, streamlines and simplifies functionality and reduces costs.
“We see this as adding a fourth point to our  three-point Global Stimulus campaign we rolled out last month,” says Matthew J. Olin, President and CEO of Sierra Instruments. “Providing #1 cost-cutting, #2 free engineering and #3 expedited product  delivery are crucial first steps for the hard-hit industries we serve. Now it’s time to bring them #4 innovative new Sierra products that will help expand their capabilities without increasing costs.”
Expanded Functionality of Smart-Trak® 2 Includes:
• True linear performance provides high accuracy and great flexibility in multiple gases
• With Dial-A-Gas® Technology, users select from up to ten pre-programmed gases or substitute their own
• The ability to adjust calibration in the field for each of these 10 gases independently
• Unique Pilot Module (mounted or hand-held) lets users view and change critical control functions in the field
• Proprietary frictionless-hovering direct-acting control valve technology
• MODBUS RTU networking capability with Sierra Compod™
Ideal for OEM, industry, or research applications, it builds upon the performance and user-friendliness end-users came to expect with the original Smart-Trak. Smart Trak® 2 provides the most advanced linear sensor available, smoother valve performance, more robust electronics and more control over a wide range of functions.
With its advanced capabilities, the Compod™, coupled with Sierra’s Smart-Trak® Model100 mass flow meters or controllers,  greatly simplifies basic flow control installations and permits networking of multiple instruments using open-source MODBUS RTU protocol.
By adding the Compod™ module to a new or existing Smart-Trak®, end users can take complete control of gas mixing and blending, batch control, leak testing and process monitoring.
Learn more about the Smart-Trak® 2. Visit Compod product page for more on the Compod.
Complete technical information is available online or free of charge from Sierra Instruments, Inc., 5 Harris Court, Building L, Monterey, CA 93940, phone 800.866.0200, fax 831.373.4402.

A global leader in the development of flow meters and controllers for over 30 years, Sierra Instruments manufacturers high performance mass flow meters and controllers for nearly any gas, liquid, or steam application. With over 150 offices in 50 countries, Sierra is positioned to provide their innovative products and support to a wide variety of industries.

Press Contact:
Maryadine Washington, Marketing Manager
831-373-4402 (fax)
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