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Cogeneration Company's Steam Solution

InnovaMass® 240 Multivariable Vortex Mass Flow Meter

A large North American cogeneration company produces steam, electricity and other utility services for sale to customers. They required a mass flow meter to measure steam consumption for billing purposes and to enhance system diagnostics. The engineering team first considered a "traditional" volumetric vortex flow meter because of its inherent reliability, wide turndown and high accuracy measurement capability.

The disadvantage of this compensated system is the high cost of installation. Each system requires four man-days to install and commission. The complex electrical and mechanical system requires power and signal wiring between the flow meter, the pressure transmitter, the temperature transmitter and the flow computer. They also require three process penetrations and mounting adapters for mechanical connection to the pipe.


The InnovaMass® 240 was specified because it would reduce total installation cost by 50%. Because the InnovaMass meter is installed with a single process penetration and only one set of power and signal wires, they save two man-days of installation time. The InnovaMass meter also delivers all of the process information the company needs for billing and efficiency management. The totalized rate is used for custody transfer and billing operations.

The mass flow rate measurement provides information on peak demand usage to ensure consistent steam service. The pressure reading is used as a diagnostic tool to help control the available steam flow capacity. These three measurements are available simultaneously via 4-20 mA and pulse outputs from the single transmitter.

Sierra's multivariable technology allows one instrument and one process connection to simultaneously measure mass flow rate, temperature, pressure, volumetric flow rate, and fluid density.

Here's what makes Sierra's InnovaMass 240 an ideal choice:

  • Provides five process variables (mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure, temperature and density) at a single measurement point
  • Built-in pressure, temperature and flow profile compensation
  • All parameters are field adjustable and include complete field diagnostics
  • Approved for FM, CSA and ATEX