Industrial Air Flow Meter Solutions

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Industrial Air Flow Meter Solutions

Many industrial facilities use compressed air in their processes. Since this compressed air is very expensive to produce due to high energy costs, it is critical for facilities and campuses to accurately measure their air flow usage. To accomplish this task, facilities managers conduct  compressed air audits to determine usage rates. These audits, using an industrial air flow meter measuring in Cubic Feet Per Minute or CFM, uncover inefficiencies and identify leaks in the compressed air system. Since air flow of compressed air is measured by flow meters, their accuracy can save facilities managers thousands of dollars in compressed air production costs.

Successful Air Flow Rate Measuring

Precise mass flow measurement with an inline CFM air flow meter is the key for compressed air flow measurement success. Sierra manufactures a wide variety of inline and insertion thermal mass air flow gauges for precision CFM measurement of high-temp gas mass flow rate in industrial applications, including compressed air measurement. Sierra's line of light and heavy industrial air flow gauges for high temperature air flow auditing has the benefits of thermal technology:

  • Wide turndown ratio
  • Very low pressure drop
  • Extremely low flow sensitivity
  • Direct gas mass air flow rate measurement

Our thermal meters range from our highest-performance QuadraTherm four-sensor design to our more traditional, and also very accurate, two-sensor high-temperature air flow meter. Learn more about our industrial compressed air flow meters or contact our engineering staff today.

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