Thermal Insertion Flow Meters for Compressed Air Distribution

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Large to mid-size facilities produce large amounts of compressed air that is distributed to different parts of the campus or factory. Efficient compressed air distribution is critical for reducing energy bill costs. When measuring air flow, the only way to determine if your compressed air distribution system is operating efficiently is with accurate measurement instruments. 

Sierra’s line of compressed air flow meters and thermal mass air flow measuring devices, which air flow of compressed air is measured by, is ideal for compressed air measurement due to:

  • Wide turndown ratio
  • Very low pressure drop
  • Extremely low-flow sensitivity
  • Direct gas mass air flow rate measuring

Our thermal inline and insertion flow meters range from our highest-performance QuadraTherm four-sensor design to our more traditional, and also very accurate, two-sensor high-temperature air flow meter measuring device. You’ll also find a line of multivariable mass vortex meters that provides a direct reading of mass flow rate from a single entry point in the process line, as well as provides analog and digital outputs of five process variables: mass flow rate, volumetric air flow rate, temperature, pressure and fluid density.

The InnovaMass 240 is fully field-programmable, configurable and features RS485, MODBUS or HART protocols, as well as:

  • Built-in pressure and temperature and flow profile compensation
  • Field-adjustable parameters, including complete field diagnostics
  • FM, CSA and ATEX approval

Contact us about our industrial air flow rate measuring devices today—our engineering staff is ready to take your call.

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