MEMS Thermal OEM Mass Flow Controllers

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The Ultimate OEM MFC
Modular. Stable.Cost-Effective.

Specifically optimized for the BioPharm industry, our NEW Redy line of thermal mass flow meters and mass flow controllers, based on stable MEMS (Micro-Electro Mechanical System) technology, offers customers a true OEM mass flow control solution with its modular design, easy integration into a gas mixing block, and flexible digital communications options. Due to the advanced, ultra-stable no-drift CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) sensor, Sierra is offering a Lifetime No-Drift Sensor Warranty. Learn More.
The CMOS sensor combines the sensor element, signal processing and digital calibration on a microchip and measures gas through the thermal flow principle.  These principles and sensor technology make Sierra’s MEMS flow meters and controllers and ideal choice for OEM customers who demand long term stability.

No Drift Sensor Warranty

Sierra defines no-drift as less than 1% of full scale over the life of the instrument.  Therefore, if drift of greater than 1% of full scale occurs over the sensor’s lifetime, the sensor and/or entire instrument will be repaired or replaced and recalibrated free of charge. Learn More.

The RedySmart-Mass Flow Meters and Mass Flow Controllers

  • Ultimate OEM MFC-modular, compact footprint, connect power cable & communication system
  • MEMS sensor stability- Lifetime no-drift sensor warranty
  • Direct mass flow with thermal technology- no temp or pressure compensation
  • Precision electromagnetic valve control
  • Competitive OEM pricing- Cost-effective solutions

RedyCompact Mass Flow Meters & Regulators-Perfect VA Replacement

  • Direct Mass Flow, not volumetric, for highest accuracy & repeatability
  • High-precision MEMS technology: No-drift (lifetime warranty) CMOS sensor
  • Compact Footprint for easy drop in replacement to VA meters
  • Regulate flow with high resolution manual setpoint
  • Battery operated, with large, easy-to-use touchscreen display, automatic screen adjustment (0°/90°/180°/270°)
Check out our digital flow meters below to find the best mass flow control solution.
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