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How Digital Mass Flow Controllers Optimize Bioreactor Performance

Selecting the Best Gas Flow Control Technology


Bioreactor MFC Whitepaper

In today’s climate, it’s a race against time to create viable vaccines from pilot to scalable vaccine production to fight infectious diseases. In the biopharm world, the efficiency and productivity of bioreactor technology becomes a critical path to this vaccine development.

Learn how digital mass flow controllers optimize bioreactor performance and are replacing manual variable area (VA meters) with an integrated valve to control the gases in their bioprocesses to yield greater results and get four tips for selecting the best MFC for your bioreactor.

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RedySmart® Features

  • Ultimate OEM MFC - Modular, compact footprint, connect power cable and communication system
  • MEMS sensor stability - Lifetime no-drift sensor warranty
  • Direct mass flow with thermal technology - No temperature or pressure compensation
  • Precision electromagnetic valve control
  • Competitive OEM pricing - Cost-effective solutions
  • Built-in display-mass flow, totalizer, units and set point
  • Human & Systems Interface - Local display readout and configure in field
  • Fast Set Point Control - Response times as fast as +/-80ms
  • Response time: Meter (GSM): ± 80ms(3); Controller (GSC): ± 500ms(3)
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