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The Ultimate VA Replacement- RedyCompact

Compact Mass Flow Meters, Regulators, or Flow Switches

Discover the perfect drop-in replacement for traditional volumetric variable area (VA) meters in this video. Sierra’s RedyCompact is a true thermal mass flow meter, regulator, or even flow switch. Its large touch-screen display is easy to read from a distance and rotates with orientation, unlike rotameters.

Video Transcript

When For more than 45 years Sierra has pioneered the development of precision gas mass flow controllers.

And today, we are proud to introduce our latest addition to our thermal mass flow family- RedyCompact. 

A drop-in replacement for any Rotameter, RedyCompact is a true thermal mass flow meter, flow regulator, or even flow switch. 
Rotameters are volumetric flow meters and are sensitive to gas pressure and temperature changes—for example, a pressure change of just 1 Bar generates a huge flow rate error of up to 50%. 

RedyCompact solves this problem because it measures gas mass flow directly, so any change in temperature or pressure of the gas does not affect performance. 

Battery-powered, RedyCompact has a large touch-screen display that is very easy to read from a distance, unlike rotameters. 

Flow rate can be regulated with the high-resolution needle valve by dialing in your setpoint. 

RedyCompact has a MEMS-based mass flow sensor backed by Sierra’s lifetime no-drift sensor guarantee

Buy ALL Sierra mass flow instruments at our online store for next day shipment with no expedite fees. 

Experience our passion for mass flow control. Choose a Sierra mass flow controller for your next project. 

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