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Core Technology: Multivariable Vortex

Measuring the Mass Flow of Gases, Liquids, & Steam

Vortex shedding flow meters have been in use for many years. The typical device is a flanged in-line unit. Most vortex meters measure only one variable (the velocity of the flowing fluid). Effectively, this makes the typical vortex meter a volumetric unit. While mass flow can be calculated for a constant density fluid, it becomes problematic for gases and steam. A multivariable mass vortex meter builds upon the current generation and offers improved accuracy, lower installed cost, and enhanced functionality, including multiple outputs of process conditions.

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Benefits of thermal mass flow meters for gases:

  • Direct mass flow measurement of gases eliminates the need for temperature or pressure compensation
  • Accuracy +/- 0.5 percent reading; high flows 60,000 sfpm (0-305 smps); 100:1 turndown
  • Multivariable: Mass flow rate, temperature & pressure
  • Advanced four-sensor “dry sense” technology minimizes drift and enables field validation
  • Insertion version with hot tap capability for easy installation
  • Software applications for easy set-up, in-situ calibration, dial-a-pipe, and gas mixing
  • Digital communications suite
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