InnovaSonic® Portable Ultrasonic  Flow Meters

Portable Flow Meter Offers Increased Field Flexibility and Access to Data with Bluetooth Wireless Communication

For fast, easy, precise measurement of a wide range of liquid flows and temperatures, our clamp-on, transit-time ultrasonic portable flow meter product line offers liquid flow solutions for most application requirements. Our portable ultrasonic flow meter product suite includes the InnovaSonic portable 201i and InnovaSonic portable 210 with Android tablet PC

While principally designed for clean liquid applications, all portable sonic flow meters in our InnovaSonic family are tolerant of water and other liquids with small amounts of air bubbles, or suspended solids common in most industrial environments. All InnovaSonic portable flow meters offer low power consumption, high reliability and outstanding applicability at an economical cost.

For easy systems integration, we offer the following digital communications solutions to complement your portable sonic flow meter: Modbus RTU. View the digital communications solutions available for our portable water flow meters, offering turnkey solutions for systems automation.

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White Paper: Core Technology Part 2--Next Generation Transit-Time Ultrasonic


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untrasonic portable flow meter

InnovaSonic® 210i Portable

A complete ultrasonic flow meter portable measurement kit for the measurement of water and other liquids. With portable clamp-on transducers featuring a small handheld display interface with bright display and push buttons.  It includes transducers for pipes 0.6 to 236 inches (15 to 6000 mm).

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