The 800 Series (Analog MFCs)

Analog Meters and Controllers for Gas Flow Control & Measurement

The 800 Series has proven to be one of the world’s most dependable and durable meter and controller lines for measuring gas flow rate since the dawn of the semiconductor boom in the early 1980s. Since that time, tens of thousands of customers have relied on our gas flow control and measurement devices for reliable flow data. Looking for a reliable and stable gas flow meter? The 800 Series is accurate, economical, can handle toxics and corrosives, and features a unique cleanable sensor tube. Download Infographic.

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TopTrak® 820

Economical 800 Series Mass Flow Meters

  • Proven gas flow measurement with affordable OEM pricing
  • Save money with volume discounts
  • Read results easily with large tiltable display
  • Easy drop-in replacement with compact size
  • Available in economical nylon, stainless steel and aluminum

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